What we offer

A true training ground for the ‘Indy’ Pilot….

Although we are a training corp, we are still an active Indy corp; providing products and services to the eve-online community.

To our customers we offer:

  • POS towers, Fuel and Structures
  • Probes, Scrips and Drones
  • Ammo and Containers
  • Ships and Modules
  • Rigs
  • P4 products
  • BPC’s
  • Market seeding and haulage

To our members we offer:

  • Mining fleets with Fleet boosts
  • Help & Assistance to learn all aspects of Industry
  • Free Ships, Fits and skill-books to get you started
  • A strategic located home base
  • Access to Blueprints and Invention facilities
  • Free BPC’s
  • None forced activities
  • Access to lvl 4 missions to raise standings